The wellness area qualifies our company. We have created a special corner to offer regenerating experiences. You will find the massage bed, the cabin with chromotherapy sauna, hydrotherapy jacuzzi while contemplating the wonderful landscape below.

For more than twenty years, the company has been hosting programs dedicated to the health of body and mind: thematic days with yoga practices, regenerating techniques, in-depth topics, with the collaboration of highly qualified teachers.

Responsible for the wellness area is Diana , a life dedicated to personal care. She integrated her qualification as a specialized nurse with the knowledge of natural medicine, the use of herbs and inspired by the ancient traditional methodologies of the Orient

The type of treatments and massages is varied to meet the different needs of individuals. In order to improve the flow of energy, the state of well-being and relieve painful tensions, we offer: anti-stress massages, Shiatsu treatments, vibrational massages with Tibetan bells.

Yoga has always inspired our path and is at the center of the proposals for residential programs and full immersion days. A special space dedicated to practice has been created with an enchanting landscape for contemplation and joy of the heart. The company avails itself of the collaboration with the So’ham Cultural Association, a school of yoga and inner research present for over 30 years in the Como area.