Located at an altitude of 530 metres, Agribenessere La Sorgente is located in the historic village of Brenzio, overlooking the surrounding hills and Lake Como. It is a rural setting of tranquility where time has stood still. The Agriturismo began its activity in 1997 realizing the dream of giving continuity to the farm of the father and ancestors who raised the flocks on site, cultivated what was necessary for survival, supporting a peasant culture made of hard work but also of love for the earth and the natural environment.
The agritourism company was thus conceived with the aim of combining hospitality with agricultural activities, at the same time enhancing and giving continuity to the village and its surroundings.

The first agritourism in the province in Upper Lake Como, the name ‘La Sorgente’ (the source) has a particular meaning. Our structure is in fact built next to a beautiful stone source, which is still used daily. The same source where tools were historically washed and men and animals watered. Even today, people pause here to cool off and get water.